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  • Helen Warner

Collaboration with Whitehead Designs

The final photos have come through from our collaboration with Whitehead, featuring the Oslo bespoke sofa. Seamsfine have worked with Whitehead Designs for over 10 years, providing fabric choices for various pieces of furniture from armchairs to kitchen stools.

We are so proud of the outcome of this latest photo shoot for their newest design, and feel the fabric choices for the scatter cushions really complete the look! The contrasting patterns and matching colours prove how easy it is to give any room a whole new feel, and to freshen it up, simply by changing the accessories.

If you fancy seeing a close up, please scroll down for some more detailed shots of the cushions and information about the fabric choice we made!

The sofa is covered in GP & Baker Lea Linen. It is a classic sofa choice as it is neutral but with a bit of colour to it which ensures it won't show any dirt as much as a lighter shade or a cream.

This cushion is covered by a combination of Baker Lifestyle Entrada Sunshine, and Baker Lifestyle Cords Sunshine. We love this shot of bang-on-trend mustard yellow and love how the cream cools the shade, whilst the bolts of grey thread add a bit of depth.

These cushions are covered in Baker Lifestyle Spiro Corn/Taupe, a lovely colour and a great pattern!

This cushion is covered again in Baker Lifestyle Entrada Sunshine, and this close up really shows the detail of the fabric.

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