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Mark Alexander New Collections

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

We are absolutely in love with the new Mark Alexander collections here at Seamsfine. We are stocking the Adagio, Montage, Loom, Epoque, Outline and Hand Crafted Modern II collections.

Mark Alexander offers exclusive and original textiles and wall coverings. Their design orientation is broadly eclectic in style and natural in quality.

Consisting of weaves, velvet, cashmere, wool, silk and decorative prints these collections are elegant and stylish.

The Montage collection has been created to achieve that uniquely relaxed, lived-in feel, combining a series of strong and original weaves and prints, in different yarns, weights and styles.

If you are looking for linen, look no further. Their Loom collection is fine purist linen weave, made from a specially created crimped yarn, is gently washed and finished bringing the texture of the weave into relief, to create a beautifully relaxed fabric.

Outline- this collection of fine quality epinglés has been developed in collaboration with a mill in the Flemish countryside, whose rare needle-fine wire looms weave epinglé velvets that are unmatched in the world. A craft process which takes time, commitment and a wealth of knowledge gained through generations of accumulated expertise.

Hand Crafted Modern II- This collection uses sophisticated and innovative techniques, including a randomly-sprayed weft yarn and a flammé yarn which varies in thickness along its length, give the nubbly freeform appearance of the weaver’s hand-loom to this collection, with its interplay between linen and wool, in soft natural shades.

One of our personal favourites is the Epoque velvet cotton collection. The deep and dense pile of this sensuous cotton velvet, with its soft and natural sheen, brings a certain glamour to complement the weaves and prints in the Mark Alexander family.

The Adagio collection (as shown below) uses soft luxury yarns including Cashmere, mo-hair and couture quality lambs-wool.

Come and visit us here at Seamsfine to view the full collections for yourself!

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