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  • Helen Warner

New collection time!

A definite remedy to Winter Blues for us always comes with the new collections brought in. We always feel so lucky to get the first look at these, but also so tempted to treat ourselves to some of the gorgeous new designs! This year proves no different, with one of our favourite brands ROMO, making their new collection available! Below are some of the images of our favourites and various links to websites for more information and designs.

ROMO- The Black edition

We adore the luxurious feel of this collection! ROMO seem to be really focusing on the impact of various textures which makes this collection so interesting!

Below is an image of one of their new wallpapers: the closeup shows the textured feel to these pieces and the image of the pattern in a room really shows the full effect ROMO have created!

The fabrics for this collection are just as luxurious and intense as the wallpapers, also demonstrating the striking effect different materials have in fabric. To the left is one example of the contrast created by combining velvet with a silvery metallic fabric, creating this wonderful effect!

Below is another, this time by breaking up a beautiful floral patterned velvet with the contrasting stripe, it completely lifts the entire piece, emphasising the colour and patterns!

To see the full collection, go to ROMO's site for the full Black Edition collection!

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