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  • Helen Warner

Pom-pom pandemonium!

We adore accessories at Seamsfine! And luckily enough for us, it seems that right now so do our customers! There is a real trend at the moment for being bolder with colour and pattern choices, but more than that, numerous customers come to us seeking that little bit extra for their soft furnishings! Recently an increasing number are choosing to bedeck their curtains or cushions with some fantastically coloured pom-poms!

Whether it is to jazz up a cushion as an accessory or to become the staple part of a plain-coloured blind, it cannot be denied that these pom-poms are a beautiful addition! Not only are they bang-on trend, but they transform our pieces by creating a real contrast in texture and also visually.

Below are some examples of pieces we have made for our customers.

Above: This gorgeous blind is completely transformed by the addition of these differently coloured pom-poms, with complementary colours of pink, grey and light blue

Above: Cushions completely transform a look, and often make quite a dull room seem fresh and rejuvenated. By adding the pom-poms, this takes it further, adding a fun aspect to this one!

Above: Many homes are often decorated in more neutral and calming colours, for example greys, soft greens and blues. However, in this case the door curtain becomes a point of interest by adding this great tie-back which gives a hint of colour from the beautiful complementary orange.

Above: This door curtain is complimented in the room by adding a cushion in the same style, both using the same material and decorated with those golden pom-poms!

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