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  • Helen Warner

Morris Mania

People coming in to visit our workshop recently may have noticed that we have had an abundance of William Morris material in! Part of this is definitely due to the beautiful new monochromatic colour scheme which Morris & Co have released. This stunning black, white and grey versions of the famous prints really bring out the intricacies of the designs. It is perfect for any home, with the neutral colours complimenting most schemes for many rooms, while also injecting an interesting and distinctive pattern!

We were recently approached to create the curtains for Kelmscott House, the home of William Morris. This beautiful location in Hammersmith backs onto the River Thames and was his home for 26 years.

We were thrilled to be asked to do this; not only because of the honour and prestige associated with this, but also because Seamsfine are big fans of Morris' timeless designs. The release of the monochromatic designs is proof of this, altering the colour schemes to adapt his designs to modern day tastes. We are thrilled with how the curtains have turned out.

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